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Kevin Davison

147 Hwy 124†

†Greenfield, TN 38230



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Kevin Davison has all the heavy equipment and expertise to maintain and beautify your land.† Ponds are a specialty where perfection is critical.† Digging the dirt in such a way as to improve the landscape takes a special talent.† Construction excavation for multiple purposes requires precision digging.† Creating septic tanks and the need for field tile or a field line is a breeze while restoring the surface to its best original state.† Kevin will haul sand, gravel or dirt from or to your land with the care of a professional leaving the surface ground in the best† condition possible.† Land clearing to meet your most stringent demands.† Need sand or gravel? Kevin has the best choices for you.† From debris cleanup to lot leveling, Kevin Davison is your solution.


Want a storm shelter?† Kevin sells and installs storm shelters of the highest quality and sizes.† He makes it easy and painless for you to protect your family from natural disasters.


Kevin is expert at using a backhoe or bulldozer to move your dirt! Manipulating dirt to perfection is an art and talent that Kevinís work proves popular throughout northwestern Tennessee.


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Serving the following communities:


All of Northwest Tennessee

Weakley County

†††††††††††† Dresden, TN

†††††††††††† Martin, TN

†††††††††††† Greenfield, TN

†††††††††††† Sharon, TN

†††††††††††† Gleason, TN

Gibson County

†††††††††††† Milan, TN

†††††††††††† Medina, TN

†††††††††††† Bradford, TN

†††††††††††† Humbolt, TN

†††††††††††† Trenton, TN

†††††††††††† Dyer, TN

Carroll County

†††††††††††† McKenzie, TN

†††††††††††† Huntington, TN

†††††††††††† Trezevant, TN

†††††††††††† Atwood, TN

Henry County

†††††††††††† Paris, TN

†††††††††††† Henry, TN

Lake County

†††††††††††† Tiptonville, TN

†††††††††††† Ridgely, TN

Obion County

†††††††††††† Union City, TN

†††††††††††† South Fulton, TN

Dyer County

†††††††††††† Dyersburg, TN

†††††††††††† Ripley, TN

Madison County

†††††††††††† Jackson, TN


Fulton County, Kentucky

†††††††††††† Fulton, KY

Calloway County, Kentucky

†††††††††††† Murray, KY

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